About GorillaFit


My journey to improve my health actually started with a call from my mother saying she was being rushed to the hospital. When I finally saw her she told me she had to do better with her health. So I knew I needed to be an example in order to help her. My wife, who had been on her own personal health journey, showed me that you have to have the drive and focus if you want to meet a goal. With this, I finally stepped out and started my weight loss journey in 2018 and haven't turned back. To date I have lost 45lbs, built muscle, ran many races, including a half marathon in October 2019, and became a Certified Personal Trainer with a Certification in Sports Health in progress. 

I am all about teamwork. Without encouragement from my mentors, I would not be where I am today. We have to do this together to change the outlook of our community.

Please let me help you change the way you look at life and your health. If not for you, for your legacy.


In-person training services include 45-minute personalized fitness program that will motivate you to meet your personal fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight or gain weight, I can help you perform the excercises necessary properly that will help you reach your desired physique.



Virtual training services will include the same services as "in-person" training except we will meet online. You may need to have some basic equipment, such as dumbbells to complete some strength exercises.



Coming Soon.